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FatTailsR: a R package for power hyperboles and Kiener distributions

This package (version 1.7-5 issued on 18 June 2015) for R software is dedicated to:

  • Power hyperboles and their inverses,
  • Power hyperbolic functions and their inverses,
  • Kiener distributions which are perfect tools for fat-tailed bilateral distributions.

Visit the page dedicated to FatTailsR.

Visit the page dedicated to my talks on R (in French).

Neuro One, Neuro Shop, Neuro Fit, Neuro Code, Neuro Pex

InModelia sells a wide range of software related to neural networks and nonlinear modeling :

  • Neuro One is an excellent software for fast searching of the best regression models of linear, polynomial, neural networks or radial bases function type thanks to its user-friendly interface, live monitoring functions and possible interruption during the learning step, his statistical summaries and its different graphics that allow to understand the studied phenomenon.

    Neuro One is perfectly suited to small datasets, from 1 to 20 explanatory variables or inputs, from 1 to 20 outputs, up to 30,000 lines, and includes dynamic neural networks for the study of time series and the modeling of transient phenomena in addition to the classical static regression and classification models. It can export the obtained model to C code and Excel.

    Neuro One comes with module Neuro Shop (fusion of models, design of complex neural networks and explicit non-linear models) and module Neuro Fit (simulation). This latest module is perfect for some pseudo-inverse calculation and the search of optimal solutions related to multivariate nonlinear models, an application that makes countless services in the industry.

    Neuro One runs on Windows XP and Windows 7/8 in 32 bits XP compatibility mode.

    Do you want to evaluate or buy Neuro One? Contact us!

Download Download Neuro One Download +++ Instructions to install
Neuro One Neuro Code Neuro Pex
  • Neuro Code is an elegant solution for learning large datasets broken down into one or several files of 100 up to 1,000,000 rows. The automatically generated C codes (model, learning algorithm, prediction, confidence intervals) must be recompiled with gcc on Windows or Linux and the resulting executable is at least 5 times faster than Neuro One at the training step.

    Do you want to evaluate or buy Neuro Code? Contact us!
Neuro One Neuro Code Neuro Pex
  • Neuro Pex is the only software in the world that computes D-optimal and X-optimal designs of experiments for static neural networks and explicit nonlinear models. It allows a substantial reduction in the number of trials and the development of sequential trial strategies that are fairly cheap, either when starting from a white sheet or when there is a need to enhance a design of experiments already carried out.

    Neuro Pex is comfortable with multivariate spaces of 1 to 7 dimensions and renders in a few minutes reliable designs of experiments. In greatest dimension, the initial design is essential to the success and is currently the main scope of our R&D efforts. We recently obtained excellent results in a problem with 15 dimensions and 32.768 corners (!). Our expertise is world class.

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Neuro One Neuro Code Neuro Pex
  • Neuro Developer Kit is a library in the 32-bit dll format containing the statements for the design, calculation and simulation of neural networks that are available in Neuro One.

    Neuro Developer Kit enables the construction of applications in the Windows environment.

    Neuro Developer Kit is also used for the design and the training of graph machines, a new concept to predict molecule properties and molecule activities.

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